Tips for Writing Award Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates vary from one state to another. In fact, the unemployment rates for some states are substantially higher than others. So, it is essential for people who are looking for new job opportunities to do their research, while they also make sure that they are prepared to beat the competition, especially when they are applying for different types of job positions. Some of the best ways to make preparation is to ensure each applicant has the right tools available to compete. Applicants should also keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the employment industry. Being prepared for the next job involves building award winning resumes and cover letters.

To accomplish this task, each individual should review a wide variety of different resume and cover letter tips, specifically, tips that come from the job recruitment industry since they are the pacesetters for what’s appropriate and what’s not. Here’s a few common tips that should be followed when creating an award winning resume and cover letter.

Match Skills, Experience and Education to Job PostingCover Letter Writing Services
Many times people send a generic resume and cover letter when they are applying for a wide diversity of job positions. While these two documents can meet the minimum requirements for the job posting, this can also be a way that the recruiter weeds certain applications out of the successful candidate pool. This elimination process is often made easy by certain applicants since the recruiter cannot match their skills, experience and education to the job posting. Even if the person has acquired all of the essential skills to do the job, the cover letter and the resume must reflect this in detail. So, a generic resume will meet the deadline but it is also more likely to be completely eliminated from the candidate selection process in its earliest stages.

Proof Read – No Spelling or Grammar Errors
Most people may not realize how the resume is used. While it is used to find the applicants that are qualified for the position, it is also used as a means to eliminate some of the candidates from these large candidate pools. One of the most common elimination factors for most or virtually all employment agencies is eliminating applicants that have various kinds of obvious errors in their resume and cover letter submission. All of which involves spelling and grammatical errors. Therefore, it is important for each candidate to make sure that they are doing a spell check and grammar check on the resumes and cover letters prior to submitting them to the recruiter.

Even though it may take the candidate several days to develop an award-winning resume, it is important to note that the recruiters will only take few seconds to read it. Therefore, it is essential for the resume and cover letters to be easy to read and pleasing to the eye. According to a wide variety of different recruitment sites, the average time to read through a resume is approximately 10 seconds. Though this is not a lot of time to convince the recruiter that an individual is the perfect person for the job, it is definitely enough time to eliminate the resume because it is not easy to read or confusing the average reader.


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